UK Bank Holidays 2013

Upcoming Bank Holiday May 5 Monday Early May Bank Holiday 2014
There are 10 days to Early May Bank Holiday

England & Wales Bank Holidays 2013

Tuesday 01 January

New Year's Day

Friday 29 March

Good Friday Bank Holiday

Monday 01 April

Easter Monday

Monday 06 May

Early May Bank Holiday

Monday 27 May

Spring Bank Holiday

Monday 26 August

Summer Bank Holiday

Wednesday 25 December

Christmas Day

Thursday 26 December

Boxing Day

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We all look forward to bank holidays - those extra days when we get to enjoy some free time from our jobs and responsibilities. Of course, there’s the other side of bank holidays, when we need to get things done but find ourselves unable to do it because banks are closed. Keeping track of the seemingly random bank holidays in the UK can be hard, but not if you’re on We’ll make sure you know when you can expect time off and we’ll give you some ideas of what to do on those extra days. So browse some of the information we have on UK Bank Holidays 2013 to 2014 dates.

What is a Bank Holiday?

Featured Bank Holiday Events for 2014

What is a bank holiday?

Bank holidays are different from other holidays because they are simply days when people who work at the bank are off duty. Originally, bank holidays were granted only to bankers, but today it’s likely that you’ll get the days off too - especially since some non-bank holidays, like Good Friday and Christmas Day, are often called bank holidays anyway. Historically bank holidays were numerous, but they were cut to just four in 1834.

Flags of the United KingdomHow do bank holidays differ within the UK?

Bank holidays are not the same in each region of the UK. In fact, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have some differences when it comes to official bank holidays. This makes it especially confusing if you’re looking up bank holidays and find the wrong calendar. For example, in Scotland New Year’s Day is a particularly special holiday, but in the rest of the UK it hasn’t always been as meaningful. Also, in Scotland Easter Monday is not a bank holiday, like it is in the rest of the UK. Today, bank holidays in Scotland are not actually holidays in the way they are in England and Wales. In Scotland, holidays are aligned with other more traditional holidays, and banks take their cues from the regular holiday schedule.

For more interesting information and trivia about UK Bank Holidays go to the Wikipedia page. You can find some interesting facts on how some of the Public Holidays dates come about. This also includes the current UK Bank Holidays 2013 dates featured on the